Our Night Run to the ER

Let me start with since I didn't post all week that would certainly mean there isn't much going on...not exactly but that is another post. Let's just say that I have not had the best of weeks emotionally but am doing tons better now.

Our little Logan has had that cold/crud stuff all week but since Wed has been doing ok with no fever or too many grouchies....that is until last night! We went to play cards with some friends and he was fine. We get home and get Logan to bed by 11:30. All is well, I stayed up late playing on facebook with fav cuz. I start to go to sleep just before 2:00am and Logan starts fussing. No big deal, he isn't the greatest sleeper anyway, Hubby goes in to help him go back to sleep but it wasn't working. I told him to bring him to bed with me for the time being, thinking he wanted Mom and would be fine once with me. WRONG!! He fussed and cried until I gave him some Motrin about 2:45. He at that time said his ear was hurting....great! He went to sleep by 3:00 so I did too, hoping all would be ok with medicine in him. It was all ok until 4:00 when he woke up again crying. Hubby got up and tried to help...nothing was working. So we knew he must be in some serious pain for it to wake him up while on medicine. We decided to head to the ER so that we could get the medicine to help him with it then rather than wait for after hours to open at 1:00pm today. At the rate his crying was, it would have taken a LONG time to get to 1:00!! And luckily we got there right at the quiet time cause we were in and out in about 15 mins. He has an ear infection with upper respiratory infection. We headed over to a 24 hour pharmacy and had some antibiotics in him by 5:30am. We headed home hoping to maybe get some sleep...not so much!! He fell asleep by 6:00 but was up again at 7:00. He went to sleep for good by 8:15 and slept until 10:30....the longest stretch all night!! We are good to go now.....

I had to make a run to QT (QuickTrip) the best gas station ever! So I have this (see below) to get me going today! (Not the greatest, it was taken with my phone)

Sis-in-law recommended it and she is an energy drink guru! I have tons to get done today for 2 reasons:

1- We have lovely winter weather advisory for Mon thru Wed so need to go to the store in case we are stuck home, we need food to eat and some other necessary things. Also need to get laundry done in case we have no power and are not staying at home...what to do, what to do??

2- I have put off cleaning my house all week (due to emotional issues that will post about later) and it is nasty!!

Now I must go down that Amp and get busy! Oh little update...as of right now Logan seems ok, he does have a low fever while on medicine but is up playing puzzles with Dad.

Oh and where is Tanner in all the madness last night you wonder?? He fortunately was spending the night with a friend so we didn't have to worry about him while running to the ER. Oh and it was our 1st time taking Logan to the ER and he will be 3 in 3 months so that isn't bad huh? I didn't think so.