Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT just change my blog again after a very nice comment about my striped template. Sorry Linda!! :)

I did NOT get Logan to take an extra nap the other day so that I could get some things done....I don't do things like that, I am fully capable of taking care of my kids as well as things around the house at all times.

I did NOT let my kids have cereal for dinner last night cause I was too tired to make dinner, I always make well rounded meals for them to include veggies.

I did NOT try to bribe Logan with a special toy if he would use the potty all the time, I don't parent that way but even if I did, it certainly would not work with him...we are still in diapers.

I did NOT have a difficult time last week with depression and missing my Mom so much so that my house is still a mess and disgusting. I have my sadness under more control than that!!

Those are my Not Me's for this you have any?? I certainly am not the only less than perfect parent/wife right??

In other news....we are currently getting the crappy ice/sleet/rain that OK gets in winter time. Oh how I would rather be in CO in winter to have snow and still be able to get where I need to go if I wanted or needed to. As of right now it isn't toooo bad but they have already cancelled school tomorrow if that says anything. I am accepting the ice but am still hoping with all hope that our power stays on, if not here we come Papa and Mimi!! We will bring our blankets, candles and board games and stay warm with them. I need to stay home and clean it!! I spent yesterday trying to prepare for in case we were stuck at home and if we had to leave home. By preparing, I went to the store and made sure we had things to eat while home and was trying to get all laundry done in case of no power but my washing machine has to decide it is done working in the middle of a load!! Had to have Hubby wrig them out by hand (cause they were in water, it won't drain out...) and take all laundry to the wonderful laundromat!! Yeah and also remember that I was working on 2 hours of sleep!! Not fun at all....but I must say that I came home expecting to have to wash the mound of dishes only to find that Hubby had washed them for me!! What a guy, he says that was his once a year washing. And sadly he is about right cause he doesn't have to do them too often. So with all those obstacles, I was able to get all that done and we are prepared for what may happen with this storm......I think...

I will go for now...still gonna write that post about last week here soon but had to put this pic in of my fav cousin and Logan. I just love love love this pic and I don't know why exactly but it is just a cool pic. I did not take it so I can't take the credit for such an awesome Lil Sis did. Thanks Lil Sis for the awesome pic!!