Hanging In There

I have been doing ok the last few days. Still doing lots of thinking and keeping to myself. I just don't want to talk to anyone that is around me, to be honest I don't talk to my family as much as I was. I feel like I am a bother when I always seem to have something going on. Will it ever stop??? I have been having more anxiety attacks or panic attacks, whatever they are. Those are not fun, my chest hurts really bad and I can't breathe. Afterwards then I am extremely wore out feeling.

My Lil Sis has been doing lots of thinking and being quiet also and that is hard for me cause I enjoy talking to her all the time. Without my family to text or talk to all day I am pretty alone. Yeah hubby is here but he is so involved in football that I don't like to say much to him plus it usually makes him mad if I do so why bother??

My cousin (who reads this all the time, thanks buddy!!) has really reached out and let me know that he is there for me. He usually has something uplifting to say. I am amazed by him cause he is having to be separated from his wife right now while she is in training so I know things are great for him. He always seems strong though. That always makes me feel better to know he is there for me and keeps up with what is going on. Love you cousin!!

Not too sure what is going on with this weekend yet. I know hubby will be gone Sat night to his friend's to play playstation and talk football so I will be hanging out with my boys. Sun he will be gone most of the day watching football so it will be me and my boys again. I usually do something special with them either Sat night or Sun but have not decided what it will be this time. Here is to hoping it is a great, relaxing weekend!!