Introducing My Mom

I will start with an intro of my Mom.....where to begin....She was the most awesome, loving and patient person I know. I am still amazed by the amount of patience she had (I wish she would have given me more!!) She was a loving and very supportive Mom to 4 kids- me (of course), a sister that is now 27, a brother that is now 22, and a sister that is now 15. She also was also Grandma to 3 grand kids- my 2 sons & a granddaughter that is now 8. My Mom at the time of getting sick with melanoma was a single Mom and worked very hard to take care of her family, she was very independent. She was very fortunate to have a very good friend in her ex-husband, my Step-Dad, that is the greatest "Dad" I could ever have. (Thank you so much!) My Mom and I were very close and the best of friends. I could go to her with anything at all and she could give the best advice as well as make me feel better. She always made things bright and happy, I laughed so much just talking with her.

Before Mom got melanoma, she worked at home as a medical transcriptionist taking care of my brother and youngest sister. She, like myself, had fibromyalgia that she was able to keep under control for the most part. If you know about fibromyalgia that can be a struggle at times. She helped take care of my grandpa, her dad, with his 2 year struggle of lung/liver cancer. Shortly after his loss she had a mole removed that had cancer cells. We were told that it had all been removed. Things were good for 5 months. She woke up one morning, tried to do her work at the computer and couldn't remember how to type. She told my brother about it in a laughing matter, who assumed she was trying to have a reason to not work since it was Friday. As the morning went on she got worse & ended up in the ER with stroke-like symptoms. It was found at that time that she had a brain tumor. The tumor was removed but showed to be cancer. The fight then began. She lost her battle with melanoma 10 months later. She was able to see my youngest son, who at the time was only 3 months old, days before her passing. She was so weak but determined to hold him at least once, which she did do!!

That is just an intro of my mom....I could go on and on for days with memories of her. I have also encouraged my family to give me their memories or thoughts of Mom so I can post them as well.